We are passionate about our craft.

A distributed, pragmatic team working toward a common goal

All of our ideas are rooted in honesty with one another. We talk openly about the only thing that really matters: your project. We speak our minds, so you can speak yours. It’s fundamental to what we do. It isn't always easy, but that's how amazing things get built.

We currently have team members residing in California, Oregon and Kansas.

Chad Alderson

Founder & Product Lead

Chad is a veteran software product manager, interaction designer and technologist. Prior to founding AMP.build, he worked at several startups and eBay, Inc. In his spare time he enjoys fly fishing and spending time with his family.

Chico, CA

Silas Sao

Art Director & Designer

Silas has experience working with teams in all different mediums, managing creative and technical resources of many types. He was formerly a web and mobile application engineer before deciding to devote all his time to the visual arts.

Portland, OR

Roger Strunk

Designer & Illustrator

Roger is an accomplished product designer and master illustrator. His understanding of original sketching, storyboarding and concepting is among the best in the business.

Wichita, KS

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