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Starting a podcast is easy, but putting all the pieces together and executing a content and communications strategy tightly alinged with your business goals can be challenging and isn’t something you want to mess up.

We Have You Covered

AMP Audio’s production services are designed to meet all of your in-studio and post-production audio needs so you can focus on creating new content for your podcast that “amp” your marketing effort.

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Why Start A Business Podcast?

Traditional advertising is dead

Today’s savvy consumer wants authenticity. If you are continuing to pour truckloads of money into marketing campaigns that force-feed people your pitch with the marketing language of yesterday, it’s time for you to change things up. Newsprint and TV ads are dead.

Demonstrate your expertise

Starting a podcast is a great way to prove you’re a serious player in your field which in turn builds your authority and trust with potential customers and industry peers.

Podcasts are authentic

Buyers are more likely to do business with people they have a connection with. A podcast is a great way to connect with people over vast distances, and at a very intimate level.

Production Packages

most popular
$25/ep $ varies $ varies
Studio time

Access to our production studio featuring the latest in podcasting technology from RØDE, the leader in sound design hardware and makers of the best in class RØDEcaster Pro podcast studio.

Professional editing

Price is based on RAW audio 60 min or less. Additional charges apply - $10 for every 15 minutes over the included hour.

Episode Titles and Descriptions

Our writing staff will provide a search optimized title, descriptions and keywords for your episode.

Noise reduction

We run audio post-processing routines to remove random background noises and line hiss as much as possible.

Audio EQ & leveling

We handle the show, openings, closings, commercials and music.

Add intro & outro

We have a ton of licensed music to choose from. Our multi-accent voice actors create pro level audio.

ID3 tagging

We will make sure that all info for the episode is properly embedded into the .MP3 file prior to publishing.

Upload audio to host

We publish to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google and more.

Producer & Production Assistant

Most plans come with a Producer and Production Assistant.

Cover Art and Social Cards

These art assets can be used to promote your podcast on social media.

Content Strategy Consulting

We build your show’s format around your business goals.

Branded Website

Our specially designed web platform showcases your work.

Self-serve Guest Onboarding

We help you onboard your next guest. Leave the cat-herding to us.

MailChimp Marketing Automation

We help you promote the show after you syndicate, or publish.

Turnaround time Same day 6 days 3 days

70+ Pages Long

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More Services

Creative Services

We can work with you to figure out how to best market and position your podcast to establish you as THE authority in you space. We can also integrate with in-house or outsourced marketing and PR firm.

Launch Services

Launching a new show requires many steps and it’s critical that you get them right when you launch. Our Launch service gives you with everything you need to launch your new show with no with no hiccups.

Consulting Services

Looking to build out your own studio? We can help you with hands-on support through equipment recommendations, the recording process, developing show concepts, booking guests, and more.

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